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$89.95 for $600 Worth of Services from Wood's Plumbing

People aren’t pigs, so why would we want to bathe in sludge? We wouldn’t!

Most of us don’t know that at the bottom of our water heater is a thick pile of sludge!  Without regular flushes of your water heater, your morning shower may not be NEARLY as clean as you think it is!

Most Water Heater manufacturers recommend a yearly water heater flush and inspection, so keep your water soft and your family clean! Like people should be. Wood’s plumbing will help keep your water heater running happy and clean fresh water in your home!

Water Heater Flush $165.00
Replace Temperature and Pressure Valve $95.00
Replace Drain Valve (Full Flow Ball Valve with Cap) $215.00
Whole House Plumbing Instection $125.00

$600.00 Value

All for $89.95!

Option to replace Anode Rod $195.00
(Price applies only at the time of flush)

Comments for Wood's Plumbing

"Great service of the highest quality. A friend needed plumbing help and I referred Woods Plumbing to him. The folks at Woods took care of his plumbing problem and he said it was a great experience. Thanks guys!"
"Wood's Plumbing may come at the end of your phone book but they are 1st in mine! I was first introduced to Wood's Plumbing last winter when I called about a burst pipe. They arrived the same day and fixed the pipe quickly and efficiently. Due to the positive experience I had, I recently called Wood's Plumbing to install a water filter. I was able to obtain an appointment just a few days out. A young man, Wes, came as scheduled and installed the unit. He was very pleasant, courteous, and efficient and explained the information I needed to know in order for the system to work efficiently. Wes suggested I check the unit as he instructed and to call him if indicated. It's been a pleasure working with Wood's Plumbing. I wouldn't hesitate to call them again and refer them to anyone requiring a plumber"
""When we came home last night, the kitchen carpet was squishy, and water poured from under the kitchen sink, refrigerator, and range. My wife said, "What will we do?" I told her to throw down some bath towels, while I turned off the main water valve. I told her that in the morning I would ask Rosie to pick someone to help us, just like he did when we had a problem with our breaker panel. This morning at 8:00 I called Wood's Plumbing and was told that someone would be here between 10 and 12. How's that for responsiveness? It turns out that the problem was a cut line in the tubing that runs to the ice maker. While Wes was here I asked him to replace the kitchen faucet with a new one. He did that, repaired all leaks, and was diligent about cleaning up after the job was completed. Wes is a credit to his company and I believe typical of all those on your referral network. Thank you." -Charles "
""Just wanted to thank you for listing Woods Plumbing on your web site. I heard you talk about them and we used them and couldn't be happier. Wes that came and did the work did a fantastic job and we will tell our friends and family to use the company. A1 service and great price." -Trish"

About Wood's Plumbing

Wood’s Plumbing is a family owned and operated business and has been serving Tucson and surrounding areas since 1979.

Our plumbers are armed with total knowledge of our industry, from large jobs to small and residential to commercial properties. Our experts are trained in all traditional methods, as well as use of cutting-edge technology guaranteeing you that you will be receiving the full spectrum of services available. Wood's Plumbing is a full-service company and is ready to tackle your every plumbing dilemma.

When you hire the Wood's Plumbing staff of capable, qualified professionals, you know that you are getting expertise, quality and peace of mind. We have considered every contingency, and when paired with our years of experience, our customers get the very best service and know-how anywhere. As a customer, you know that you aren’t just hiring a plumber, you are making an investment in the value of your property.

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