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Golden Pin Lanes

Learn more about 'Golden Pin Lanes' (deals, coupons, contests and events)
Sunday 9AM 12AM
Monday 9AM 12AM
Tuesday 9AM 12AM
Wednesday 9AM 12AM
Thursday 8AM 12:30AM
Friday 8:30AM 12:30AM
Saturday 9AM 12:30AM 1010 W Miracle Mile Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 888-4272
Learn more about 'Golden Pin Lanes'

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$28.99 Worth of Bowling for $14 from Golden Pin Lanes

Who would've thought swinging a heavy ball by the tips of your fingers to knock down obstacles while you sport clown shoes would be so much fun? Come in and give your thumbs a workout with today's deal... get 2 hours of bowling for 6 people with shoes for only $14! A  $28.99 value!

Comments for Golden Pin Lanes

"If you are into bowling (vs. meeting or eating) this is the place to be. Modern scoring, good lane conditions, etc. On Sunday's, games are $.99 a game. On Thursday and Friday, games are $1.25 before 5PM. Ya, it is an older building, and it smells a little old, but you can't beat the prices or the lane conditions, and the atmosphere is just what you'd expect of a bowling alley."
"Woo hoo! This place is awesome. Does it smell old? A little. But so does your grandma and you still love her, right? 1. The Lanes, the Setting, the Atmosphere. It definitely has an old school feel, and i wouldn't recommend it for a first date; but as a family setting it is great, and if you're there just for Bowling you won't be disappointed ( feels like you might see "The Dude" walk in at any minute). The lanes are nice, the bowling balls are clean, the seating area is wide open (so my 21 month old can run around and my 7 year old can get out his wiggles), and the scoring system is TOP OF THE LINE, STATE OF THE ART! 2. The Staff, the Food, the Beer. The staff is awesome and will help you with whatever you need. But be warned, if you dish out attitude they'll give it back with a side of make-you-feel-like-an-idiot. The food is freaking fantastic, deep fried and full of saturated fat. The beer... $1.50 for 18oz of whatever they have of tap, I choose Shocktop and Bluemoon on my last visit. Go there next time you want cheap (but really good) bowling, and a great time!"
"Don't worry that it's on Miracle Mile, get past the weird look of the building, and inside you'll find really recently updated scoring computers and flat screen tv's. The best outfitted bowling alley I've been to in Tucson. The cosmic bowling on the weekends is $10, and this past weekend (middle of summer) it was really slow, so no need to show up early and wait in line like you need to the rest of the year."

About Golden Pin Lanes

Golden Pin Lanes – Tucson’s Largest Bowling Center. The center has 48 new composite lanes as well as a state of the art scoring system. The center is conveniently located off of Miracle Mile Rd between I-10 and Oracle Rd (Hwy 77). Just a couple miles away from the University of Arizona campus. Golden Pin Lanes has many packages and space to accommodate your group.

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1010 W Miracle Mile, Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 888-4272