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Expires 6 months after purchase, One deal per visit., Not to be used for outside cleaning, ladder cleaning or move outs., Zip codes not serviced: 85747,35,39,36,85614, Picture Rocks, Vail, Colossal Cave., Accepting Rancho Sahurita., All coupons will be void without a 24 hr cancellation notice.

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$85 for a Holiday House Cleaning Special ($176 Value) from AZ Professional Cleaning Services

Do you need a little help getting your home in picture perfect condition for the holidays? If you answered, yes than we have a great solution for you. The lovely ladies at AZ Professional Cleaning Services will come in and attack all the dust bunnies your home has to offer. This amazing deal gets you  2 dedicated professionals for 2 hours to mop, sweep, vacuum and polish your home into tip top condition got $85 ($176 value)

Initial Cleaning
The initial cleaning generally takes longer than routine maintenance due to soil build up in areas not normally cleaned once the initial cleaning is completed your home is ready for regular up keep!
The initial cleaning includes:

Dining Room/Living Room/Den
- All readily accessible areas
- Accessible items picked up, dusted, dusted underneath and returned where found.
- Ceiling fans, (below 8 ft) blade edges and lights.
- Baseboards (visible and accessible)
- Hanging lights.
- Patio area door glass cleaned top to bottom.
- Clean Vents.
-Dusting blinds and windows.
- Wash window sills.
- Remove cob webs.

- Counter tops cleaned
- Items on counter wiped down then placed back where found (i.e. coffeepot,mixers, toaster,etc.)
- Stove top and microwave cleaned (inside oven upon request)
- Top of refrigerator wiped down (inside of refrigerator upon request)
- Appliances wiped down, Stainless steel appliances and sink sanitized.
- Cabinet faces wiped down (Top of cabinets upon request)
- Vacuum and mop kitchen floor.

- Counter tops, tubs, showers, sinks, and toilets disinfected and polished
- Mirrors and fixtures polished streak free
- All counter top items wiped down and returned where they were found.
- All towel holders, toilet paper holders, shelves, etc. Wiped down/dusted.
- Vacuum any carpeted areas.
- Vacuum and mop any hard surfaces.
Note: All coupons will be void without a 24 hr cancelation notice.

If you have any additional areas of concern that you would like addressed during your cleaning, please let us know and we will accommodate you.
If you have any specific details you would like to have done on your maintenance cleanings, we will be happy to customize our cleaning to fit your needs.
Please visit http://azprocleaningservices.com  more information.

About AZ Professional Cleaning Services

Full Service Residential and Commercial Cleaning.

Az Professional Cleaning Services caters to your home or business! We have being servicing the cleaning industry for over 15 years with pricing that you can afford

Since 1995  Locally owned and operated, licensed, bonded and insured. We take pride in servicing your facility with great care, affordable pricing and using healthy cleaning techniques! Our staff is a professional team that has gone through extensive hands on training, and are all fully background checked to ensure  your facility has the BEST of care.

Our team consists of  individuals who clean your home or facility like it was there own!!  With an approximate average of 15 years per employee, we can insure the confidence that you are looking for in a detailed oriented cleaning service.  We can also promise that you will see the same loveable faces each time your home is cleaned.   And we LOVE your pets!

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